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FAQ Crashes

  1. ) Minidumps on Start

  1. ) Frequent Minidumps

  1. ) Sins Immediately Crashes (Black Screen Crash on Startup)

  1. ) Run Time Error (This application requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusal way)


FAQ Game Lagging

  1. ) Here are some suggestions for Sins setup

  1. ) Here are some general suggestions


FAQ Multiplayer

  1. ) Multiplayer Games Desync on Autosave

Developers are working on a hotfix to address it, but in the meantime all players are recommended to use default autosave settings.

  1. ) How To Fix ‘Your mesh files differ from the host’
If you get this error while joining a multiplayer, you may need to uninstall, delete your Sins folder entirely (do this manually) and re-install to fix this issue.

FAQ General

  1. ) "I downloaded this mod and enabled it but I can't seem to choose any new races even though it is enabled"

If the checksum on your enabled mod is 0 then you have the mod buried one directory too deep ... this happens because of how unzipping programs work these days, they can create a directory that is the same name as the archive and unzipp everything into it. The mod directory is inside that directory. That's the one you want.

  1. ) What are the difference between the Standard series and Expansion series?

The Maelstrom Standard series and SoaSE Maelstrom Expansion series are two separate and complete mods.

The Expansion series have Titan Flagships, Dreadnought Capital ships, expanded Pirates and more challenging Militia ...
whereas the Standard series do not. As such the expansion series have very different game-play dynamics compared to the standard series. In the Expansion series the Pirates are more aggressive with Capitalships capable of colonizing and Carrier Cruisers. Finally beware of dangerous asteroids that fill the gravity well of various planets, they can severely damage fleets through repeated collisions.

  1. ) Can I create custom maps for Maelstrom using Galaxy Forge?

Yes, replace the GalaxySenarioDef file in the Galaxy Forge program file with the GalaxySenarioDef file provided with the Maelstrom mod (The file "GalaxyScenarioDef.galaxyScenarioDef" is in the Maelstrom "GameInfo" directory). More specifically, replace the GalaxyScenarioDef in GalaxyForge with the one from Maelstrom ... then make your new map with Galaxy Forge.